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Imprint, privacy and cookies policy, use of the webiste, intellectual property and copyright.

1. Object

The purpose of this document is to regulate the RULES OF USE and safeguard the PROTECTION OF USERS of, and, all of which are owned by Charming Stay SL (hereinafer CS), with address at C / Alameda principal 33, 3o, 29001 of Malaga.

The terms “You” and “User” are used here to refer to all individuals and / or enttes that for any reason access these web sites. CS intends, through, and to bring the CS world closer to its users. For this, CS makes available through these websites, informaton and services related to our hotels and apartments such as online reservatons of rooms and apartments, and various promotons in contnuous evoluton (hereinafer the services).

The use of the pages and / or its services, will imply the full acceptance without reservatons, and the validity, of each and every one of the General Conditons included in the latest updated version of these Rules of Use, so that the user should be aware of the importance of reading them each tme you visit, and The access and / or use of certain services ofered to users (from now on the user) in, and, may be subject to certain conditons that, depending on the cases, replace, modify and / or complete these Rules of use, so that the user, prior to accessing and / or using said services and contents, must read and accept said conditons.

2. Use of the pages, and and their services

The user agrees to use the pages, and and those services made available to them through them, in accordance with the law, moral, good customs and order public, as well as with the provisions of these Rules of Use. Consequently, it is obliged to not use the pages, and or services, for purposes or efects illicit and / or contrary to the provisions of these Rules of Use, harmful of rights and / or interests of third partes or that, in any way, may damage the pages, and or prevent their normal use, or of the services accessible through the same, for the rest of the users, CS and / or its image.

CS may, for greater agility in the operaton of, and and for the beneft of users, modify the services provided or any substantal aspect of this page, or the conditons of operaton, techniques and use of the services of, and In the same way, the users, in order to improve the service and establish an optmum level of quality, ultmate goal of CS, may suggest those modifcatons they deem useful, by contactng those responsible for the pages through the address of email:

The users of, and must observe any instructon that, through e-mail,, and or, CS or its personnel, duly authorized, impart.

3. Protecton of the personal data of the users by CS

Please note that, according to the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 of December on the Protecton of Personal Data, personal data obtained by using the forms contained in this website, including those used for bookings, as well as your email address will be stored in a fle whose owner is Charming Stay S. L. This fle is intended to manage personal data in order to inform you of the services ofered by CS, analytcs and statstcs use as well as a proper provision for future service in the case of making bookings, including the way to contact you. Due to operatonal and maintenance purposes,, and and any third party services may collect fles that record interacton with this applicaton (System logs) or use for this purpose other Personal Data (such as the country of the User connecton). Likewise, the user, by acceptng this clause, expressly consents recording of his person and his companions by the security cameras installed inside the facility during its future stay in case of booking. By reading the present clause users of this website declare having knowledge of the destnaton and use of the personal data collected. Use of this website implies the acceptance of the above clauses.

Users of online booking services ofered through, and provide their personal data (hereinafer, “personal data”) voluntarily and explicitly, and unconditonally accept that CS automatcally process those personal data and include them in a fle in order to provide ofers of services. This fle is the responsibility of CS and is registered with the competent authority.

Due to the characteristcs of the actvity and services of CS and for the perfect development and achievement of its objectves, it is necessary to transfer personal data to third partes. These assignments have as their sole purpose the correct provision of the services that CS offers.

The holders of the data have at all tmes the right to access the fle, being able to exercise the rights of rectfcaton, cancellaton and oppositon in the terms included in the data protecton legislaton. In the same way, the consent of the user for the treatment and transfer of his / her personal data will be revocable at any tme without retroactve efects, in accordance with the provisions of artcles 6 and 11 of the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protecton of Personal Data.

For such purposes, it will be enough to contact CS through the e-mail address, or by writng to its registered ofce at C / Alameda 33, 3o, 29001 Málaga, Spain. CS guarantees that it has adopted the appropriate security measures in its facilites, systems and fles. Likewise, CS guarantees the confdentality of the Personal Data, although it will disclose to the competent public authorites the Personal Data and any other informaton that is in its power or is accessible through its systems and is required in accordance with the applicable legal and regulatory provisions. to the case. The users of, and guarantee and respond, in any case, of the veracity, accuracy, validity and authentcity of the Personal Data provided, and undertake to keep them updated.

CS services should not be used by minors and CS does not request or collect informaton related to minors. CS can collect informaton about the search habits of the users of, and through cookies or log fles. These elements are associated exclusively with a user and their PC. In such cases, CS will only use the data as a whole and in order to improve its services. CS may share this informaton with companies and their customers, but always globally and for statstcal purposes only.

The electronic document with which the reservaton is formalized is fled electronically during the period established by law. Clients can access the informaton by exercising their corresponding access rights in the manner indicated above.

Consultaton operatons on informaton related to user accounts and requests for services or products through the CS web pages are made through a secure server. The sofware of said server encodes the informaton entered by the user before transmitng it to CS. In additon, CS follows strict security procedures regarding the storage and disclosure of informaton to prevent unauthorized access, as detailed in the provisions of Artcle 9 of the Spanish Law 15/1999 of December 13, 1999, on the Protecton of Personal Informaton, current in Spain.

4. Grounds for exclusion

CS reserves the right to temporarily or permanently exclude users in any of the following situatons:

  • Failure to comply with any of the General Conditons of Use established in this document.
  • Failure to comply with laws, morals, and public order.

The exclusion of the user will not suppose the resignaton of CS to carry out the corresponding legal actons or the compensatons that correspond in law.

5. Modifcaton of the Rules of use

CS reserves the right to modify any of the terms and conditons of these Terms of Use, under the terms and conditons it deems appropriate, informing users of the modifcatons made through, and

6. Intellectual property and copyright

All the informaton contained in, and, its graphic design and the code in HTML, JAVA, JAVA Script or Actve X language, is protected by copyright or other rights of protecton of intellectual property.

These rights belong exclusively to CS or its licensors. Internet users who access this website may view the informaton contained therein and make private downloads or reproductons on their computer system, provided that the elements reproduced are not subsequently transferred to third partes or are installed on a server connected to the Internet or a local network.

It is not allowed, without prejudice of the collected the present Norms of use, the distributon, modifcaton, cession, public communicaton, reproductons or any other act of part or all of the informaton published in, www.nonomalaga. com and, without prior authorizaton from CS.
The user must use the contents and informaton collected on, and, diligently, correctly and lawfully, and specifcally, only for personal and non-commercial use, always and when the content or any menton of sources, copyright and other data identfying rights of CS or third partes is not deleted or modifed, that is, respectng its original form.

Any reproducton or copy, distributon or publicaton, of any kind, of the content of the informaton published on without prior writen authorizaton from CS is prohibited. Authorizaton for reproducton can be requested to the e-mail address

In the event that any user or third party considers that any of the existng content on the pages, and has been entered in them with violaton of copyright or other rights For protecton of intellectual property, please inform CS of this circumstance, sending notfcaton to the email address, which includes, at least, the following points: a) Name, address, telephone number and address of e-mail of the claimant. b) Data of the owner of the copyright or other rights of protecton of intellectual property that may have been infringed. c) Indicaton of the infringed contents and locaton on the pages, and d) Declaraton that the introducton of the contents has been introduced without the express authorizaton of the owner of the copyright or other intellectual property rights. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraphs, CS reserves the right to defend itself against claims based on current legislaton on advertsing and copyright or other intellectual property rights.

7. Exclusion of guarantees and liability

CS does not guarantee the reliability, availability or contnuity of the operaton of its website or the products or services made available to the user, so it excludes any liability that may be due to lack of availability, reliability or contnuity of its website or of its services, although it will try to facilitate, to the extent of its possibilites, technical assistance to the afected person. Likewise, it will try to re-establish the interrupton immediately and will make available to the user, within its possibilites, alternatve measures.

CS is not obliged to control and does not control prior to the absence of viruses or elements in the contents, which may cause alteratons in the sofware or hardware of users or people visitng the pages, so it will not be liable for damages and damages of any nature that could derive from them.

CS does not obligate itself to control and does not previously control, approve or endorse the services, contents, data, fles, products and any kind of existng material on the pages or web pages of third partes, so CS will not respond, under no circumstance, of the legality of the contents of your web page (s), being the exclusive responsibility of the third partes, for an enunciatve and non-limitng reason, the respect of the legality, morality, good customs and public order, of the contents, as well as that those do not harm any rights of third partes.

CS is not obligated to control and does not control, nor does it guarantee the reliability, availability or contnuity of the operaton of the products or services made available to the user by third partes housed outside, thus excluding any liability for damages and / or damages of any nature that may be due to the lack of availability, reliability or contnuity of its website or its services. 12.7 the user will be liable for damages and / or damages of any nature that CS may sufer as a result of the breach by the user, the law or any of the general conditons contained in this agreement.

8. Safeguarding the Rules of Use

If one of the stpulatons of the present Rules of use was declared null or inoperatve, the rest of the Conditons will be maintained in the agreed terms. CS commit to replace the stpulaton afected by the nullity approaching as much as possible to the intenton initally pursued by the partes.

9. Applicable law and competent jurisdicton

Spanish Law governs these Rules of Use. CS and the users, for the resoluton of any dispute that may arise, with respect to its validity, executon, compliance or resoluton, total or partal, are submited, expressly waiving their own jurisdicton or any other that, where appropriate, could correspond to the jurisdicton of the Courts and Tribunals of Malaga capital. This contract consttutes the full and complete expression of the agreement between CS and the user, and replaces all previous agreements, commitments, statements or agreements, both writen and oral, that have existed previously between both parts.